Getting your business online is not as complicated or difficult as you might image. It can be as simple as providing us with an overview of your business and leaving us to perform our magic. Many of our clients we have never even met in person, initial and subsequent correspondence was conducted over the phone or by email. 

For an standard website you can see a typical website workflow below.

1. Get in touch

Request a callback, arrange an appointment or send an email. We can explain the process, how long it might take and some idea's we might suggest. We will also look at your existing branding or images to see if it's something we can work with.

2. Provide Basic information

Provide with some text or a brief overview of your business and some photos (if you have them - no problem if no). At this stage you can also provide us with the look of some websites you like if you have your heart set on something you saw elsewhere. We will also advise you on our thoughts and professional advice on what you have provided. If both parties are happy to procees we continue to the next stage.

3. Sample Website will create a sample website based on what you have provided. the initial sample website will mainly be just the homepage so see if the layout, fonts, style, images and features match what you are looking for. We provide you with a private link for you to view by email.

4. Second Draft

You can provide with a snaglist of changes you require based on the sample website. We then get to work n completing a more complete second draft and email it to you for to view by email.

5. Third Draft

After another snaglist of changes we can complete the website content and test and finetune the various features.

6. Social Media Integration

We provide feeds to your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked'n

7. Optimisation, Search Engine Submission and Tidying up Metatags & Keywords

At we then do the optimisation of your website along with adding it to various analytical systems, submitting it to search engines and adding it to our various social media platforms for free to give your more of an online presence.

8. Website Completion

Upon complete of your website Good Stuff then write a custom user manual for you to make changes easily to your website. We can also provide 30 minutes of free training on how to use your new website..

9. Follow Up

We follow up with clients after 1 or 2 months to see how they are getting on. Your website will stil be considered new by search engine terms so it will still be in the process of moving up in the listings. (SERP - Search Engine Rank Position)

At we usually require payment only when the website is complete and live. If at any stage either party does not wish to continue with the website there is no obligation to continue. For larger jobs we might request a €100 deposit before proceeding.




set your business free...

You don't need any computer/web design experience to get a top class website with It's simply a case of you providing an overview of your business and leaving the rest to us. We can add stock images, create the branding, setup the hosting, domain, emails and payment system along with anything else you require! 



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"Good Stuff have been excellent each and every time they have completed work for us. Their attention to detail, advice on branding and assistance on updating our website has been second to none and...

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